Nvidia offered bribe in the form of funding and discounts to Gaming PC makers to make them ditch AMD Radeon GPUs??

Earlier it was known that Origin PC, a company who makes custom built overclocked gaming desktops and gaming notebooks, made a public statement that they will not be bundling their systems with AMD GPU. What was bit odd was that this statement was made by the company who assembles systems for a living.

The following statement was made by Origin sometime back:

“Based on our 15+ years of experience building and selling award winning high-performance PCs, we strongly feel the best PC gaming experience is on Nvidia GPUs.”

Origin PC’s technical support management Alvaro Masis added,”Primarily the overall issues have been stability of the cards, overheating, performance, scaling, and the amount of time to receive new drivers on both desktop and mobile GPUs.”

What was even more odd was that they made it clear on the same press release that they would be continuing to use AMD processors. Why did Origin PC make a public statement and not just wait till the time AMD Radeon can work on the issue. Such businesses have a good line of communication with multiple manufacturers and even chipmaker.

The fact that Origin’s ‘military-grade’ 4K ready Nvidia branded Battlebox did imply that in some form they were getting something in exchange of ditching AMD Radeon in such a melodramatic manner. Few questioned them, few expressed about their motives to send such press release just the time before releasing Battlebox. However, till this point it was more of a speculation, and decided not to post this until the time when things become more clear.

Charlie Demerijan of Semi-Accurate however seemed to have answered that doubt when he made the following post:

So with this in mind SemiAccurate did some calling around and the answers probably won’t surprise you. Multiple sources all said the same thing, a certain Nvidia marketing person, they all called him Bryan for no particular reason, has been calling around to all the Tier 3++ gaming PC makers offering large dollops of funding to dump AMD GPUs or so the story goes.

The entire report can be read from here.

One shouldn’t be surprised if Nvidia is finding it difficult on the sales front, especially now that AMD is making chips for all the next generation consoles. What’s more to know that along with the consoles, their entire product lineup will have a refresh.


That would explain why Nvidia marketing thought that convincing a company like Origin PC would be easier to handle the ‘AMD Problem’. In plain and simple English, they were being bribed. The figures that Semi-Accurate got to know were in six figures in the form of MDF funding, product discounts and even quasi-legal kickbacks in the hopes to make a large dent on AMD GPUs. Even though many websites have blindly put up the press releases without doubting or questioning the motive to announce this via press release, its a news that spread around and only few started questioning, whereas others didn’t care. However, there many who do buy pre-assembled, custom made and overclocked gaming PCs.

Would AMD care? Should AMD care? Do people care? In any case, it doesn’t look good for Origin PC assuming this is what happened, given that multiple companies confirmed that they have received similar offers from Nvidia. It doesn’t also look good for Nvidia either, as such tactics pretty much shows how low one can stoop to such a level if they can’t provide solutions to keep them ahead of the game at that point. If Origin PC made the decision without Nvidia’s offer to do so in exchange, then its a completely different story.

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