Nvidia outs GeForce 344.65 WHQL drivers and GeForce Experience


Nvidia released a second GeForce WHQL drivers well within a week’s name, this time GeForce 344.65 WHQL drivers are ‘game ready’ for Assassin’s Creed Unity. The earlier drivers were optimized for COD: AW.

There isn’t many dramatic changes, apart from updated SLI profiles and few bug fixes. The driver retains the implementation of Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) for Kepler and Fermi-based GPUs. The new drivers can be downloaded from here .

Along with the updated drivers, Nvidia released the newer GeForce Experience utility. The GeForce Experience came with few minor updates, but it did provide support for streaming to Nvidia Shield that using Android Lollipop OS. Suffice to say that Nvidia will be rolling out Lollipop update for Shield soon.

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