Nvidia Pascal GP104 core may use GDDR5 (or GDDR5X) instead of HBM

In a previous report, it was reported that Nvidia will be using HBM (High-Bandwidth Memory) over GDDR5. But according to the information found in a shipping manifest from Taiwan to Bangalore, the unit is using a chip with 2152 pins, with the BGA package measuring in at 37.5 x 37.5mm. HBM would require to be on the die itself, unlike conventional GDDR-based memory which usually surrounds the GPU core and even on the other side of the PCB.

According to a theory made by a German-based website, the GP104 Pascal core would most likely by using GDDR5(X) instead. They added that the GP104 was supposed to be in 55mm x 55mm package to accommodate HBM- 10mm more than the GM200.

Nnvidia Pascal Shipping manifest

In any which case, it would look interesting to see how the GP104 Pascal performs even with the GDDR5X. But not too long ago Nvidia did mention about using HBM2 with the Pascal platform. It should also be noted that along with the new BGA package, there’s a water cooling ‘lid’ shipped with it. Will these GP104 Pascal-based cards be liquid-cooler as a stock? Time will tell! Let’s not forget that Nvidia is planning to implement NVLink technology to enable eight-way GPU setups.

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