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Nvidia patches five vulnerability that requires immediate updates

Five security vulnerability affects GeForce, Quadro, NVS and Tesla drivers

Nvidia was able to patch and roll out its updates that address five vulnerabilities that affect all its GPU series. This also affects operating systems ranging from Windows 7 to Windows 10. For now, this does not affect Linux and iOS MAC users.

Software Product Operating System Affected Versions Updated Version
GeForce Windows All R430 versions prior to 431.60 431.60
Quadro, NVS Windows All R430 versions prior to 431.70 431.70
All R418 Versions prior to 426.00 426.00
All R400 versions Available the week of August 19, 2019
All R390 versions prior to 392.56 392.56
Tesla Windows All R418 versions Available the week of August 12, 2019

The biggest vulnerability is considered to be CVE-2019-5683. This exploit enables the attacker to gain local access to the system and avoids security detections. This leads to denial of service, escalation of privileges and running unauthorised codes. The other vulnerabilities affect DirectX and kernel mode layer. The 431.60 driver patches this issue for GeForce GPUs is available since a couple of weeks. But the security updates were not highlighted.

The 431.60 does provide other updates, such as optimized gaming experience for Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot, Madden NFL 20, and the first DLC for Metro Exodus. It also adds SLI profile for Madden NFL 20 and enabled G-Sync for newer monitors:

  • HP 24x
  • AOC AG272FCX6
  • AOC AG272FG3R

The driver updates can be found here.

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