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Nvidia rebrands GTX 780 as Titan LE, GTX 770 as GTX680

Sometime back, there was a news which indicated that Nvidia seem to be working on GeForce GTX Titan LE which would based on slimmed down version of GK110 and Titan II or Titan Ultra which will use the full-fledged GK110 GPU.

But the ‘GTX Titan LE’ would actually be known as GeForce GTX 780 5GB  which will use 5GB GDDR5 and is said to be 30% faster than a single GTX 680. One may see this to be announced at the end of May. Price is not yet known, but its suspected that it will be priced somewhere be between $499 and $599.

Similar GTX 770 which is rumoured to be nothing more than a higher clocked version of GTX 680 which will show 20-25% performance boost over the GTX 670 and will still use a 256-bit interface.

But there is also news of Nvidia pushing 6GB version of TITAN, GTX780, GTX770 and GTX760Ti which will also be launching somewhere in the middle of May.

There’s also another which would either be GeForce GTX 760 Titanium or GTX 760 Ti, which will use the same die as on GTX 670 primarily aimed to go against AMD Radeon’s HD 7800 and 8800 OEM lineups. Its being said that the performance boost will be of 20-23% in comparison with GTX 660Ti standard version.  This is said to be shown off during Computex 2013.

But these cards will be using the existing cores. GTX 780 is based on the consumer version of K20X, whereas GTX 760 Titanium/Ti will be using GK104-225, followed by GTX 770 based on GK104-425.

Nvidia doesn’t seem to be having any intention to release any new die until 2014 where Maxwell will be released. AMD Radeon are still keeping their Volcanic Islands VI for end of 2013 or for 2014.

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