Nvidia announces a special RTX: Game On broadcast on the January 12th

Nvidia announced it will have a special broadcast via leading platforms on the January 12th called RTX: Game On. This is one day after CES 2021, where even Intel is likely to show its new releases. With Nvidia, it is likely to reveal the new RTX 30 series desktop GPUs and also the Mobile GPU lineups.

Accordingly to the announcement, this special event will be presented by Jeff Fisher, the Senior VP of GeForce.

The desktop series is expected to be an RTX 3060 (which further speculated to have 2 variants with different RAM and CU count). There is an RTX 3080 Ti, but its scheduled launched is delayed for the post-Chinese new year according to sources. There have been some new GPUs named in AIDA64 benchmark. But it likely to have RTX 30 series mobile GPUs to occupy most of the time considering it would have most of the intended family along with respective gaming notebook models from respective manufacturers.

Plans by AMD, Nvidia and Intel

The broadcast will be on Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and maybe other platforms. It will be a one-hour stream, starting at 9 AM PST on January 12th. AMD is expected to have a keynote on the same day, one hour before Nvidia’s announcement. Intel is expected to reveal 11th generation CPUs and 500 series motherboards. I am personally interested to know if the new GPUs, desktop and mobile, are fabricated by the TSMC. Nvidia claims Samsung couldn’t keep up with the production of 8nm Ampere chips needed for the RTX 30 series sales which have been covered in sticky situations from day 1, starting with scalping. Is this something that Nvidia will address during the RTX: Game One broadcast? Who knows!

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