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Nvidia RTX Voice now officially works with non-RTX cards

When the  RTX Voice was launched, Nvidia said this featured needed Tensor cores which were only available in RTX GPUs. At the time RTX 20 series graphics cards were launched at a price that was once seen as premium. But the feature’s effectiveness was a good perk for streamers. Atleast that’s how the paint was supposed to dry. That reasoning was as solid as GLADos’ promise to give you a cake, in the end. News of RTX Voice modded utilities came out, enabling the dynamic real-time noise cancellation support on GTX GPUs. This did not make a good impression on Nvidia as it looked the company was making things up on the fly to get people to buy an RTX graphics card for this feature.

The green chip maker did argue that this would put more load on the graphics card than it would on an RTX GPU (RTX 20 at the time this was announced). Be that as it may, it can work well with GTX GPUs while gaming and streaming. This looks like Nvidia’s way of saying let bygones be bygones- and here’s the official support.

Name Change? The future of future GTX GPUs?

GTX 1070 8

Normally you would like to see ‘RTX’ in RTX Voice to be changed due to this extension. But we don’t know if Nvidia (and AMD Radeon) would release graphic cards with DirectX Ray-Tracing support. Time will tell. But for those who have GTX cards capable enough to game and stream/ record in-game gameplay, here you go!

Nvidia Broadcast Utility

The RTX Voice is a part of the Nvidia Broadcast utility which is a series of apps for in-home livestream studio. This part of the application is famously known to effectively provide a clean voice to OBS by filtering out any background noise using Nvidia’s proprietary AI. RTX Voice was the first to be released, eventually including virtual background with no green screen and Auto Frame support which uses the webcam’s crop and zoom feature to follow your head movements automatically.

If you wish to download this, you can do so from here. Nvidia also provided a setup guide for RTX Voice.

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