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Nvidia ShadowPlay enables record gameplay recording, GeForce Experience

When Nvidia released GTX 780 some days back, they’ve also released their new drivers, but also 2 new additions called GeForce Experience Software and ShadowPlay.

GeForce Experience is made to help gamers optimize their in-game performance depending on their system configuration. This, however, is done with human testing to figure out which settings are most preferable for which game titles on a particular system configuration. As of now, it supports about 36 games.

ShadowPlay lets gamers to record and save the game footage of up to 20 minutes using the inbuilt H.264 encoder at 30 FPS in 1080p resolution. The software runs in the background and uses RAM as storage. Its a part of the GeForce Experience and that it would be made available for Kepler based graphic cards shortly. Fraps also have an issue to make ridiculous large video files i comparison to Shadowplay with same settings. For example, creating a 1.09 minute clip in Borderlands 2 churns out 3.6GB of video file via Fraps. Using ShadowPlay however yielded in creating a video file no larger than 238MB.


Fraps is something that is used to record game footage, however some say that they’ve observed a noticeable hit in performance. Nvidia claims that shouldn’t be an issue with ShadowPlay. Another source did ask if ShadowPlay would be supporting screen sharing and other in-game application, and the response from Nvidia implies that they seem to be working on it.


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