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Nvidia stops GTX 980 & 980 Ti, GTX 970 Production

News reports indicate that in order to make way for the upcoming Pascal architecture graphic cards, Nvidia has stopped producing certain gaming grade Maxwell-based GM-200 and GM-204 GPUs. This includes the popular GTX 970, followed by the high-end GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 980 Ti.

This move shouldn’t be surprising in any case knowing that Pascal architecture based gaming cards are rumoured to be shown and release in June. This way, most of the stocks kept by its AIB partners and retailers should be emptied out by June. It also seems appropriate assuming Pascal cards provide desirable performance for the price segments similar to the previous generation. It’s not certain if Nvidia would be reducing all or most of the Pascal lineups at the same time to make for production halt for the currently available cards.

It also should be noted that AMD would also be releasing two of its newer generation Polaris based gaming cards, though its uncertain of its price segments for now. Time will tell how these architectures will perform, but it seems Nvidia has made an effort to push Pascal by stopping Maxwell production. As of now, AMD Radeon R7 470 and R9 480 is rumoured to be prepped for Computex 2016. It was disappointing regardless that Nvidia did not talk about gaming-grade Pascal graphic cards during Nvidia’s GTC presentation. Whether you buy from the red team or the green team, it’s good that both sides are likely to release newer architecture during the same time frame to make a better purchase decision.

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