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Nvidia’s CEO finally addresses GeForce GTX 970 VRAM catastrophe

Even though it months since GTX 970’s launch, there haven’t been any clear and official response from Nvidia. In time, post-GTX 960’s launch, slowly information came out via other review sources that there is indeed an issue with the last 0.5GB VRAM. The stuttering phenomenon was explained eventually, but it didn’t really sink in with people as Nvidia took many months to correct the technical information that was passed through the reviewers, including the block diagram that reviewers usually get with their reviewer’s guide.

But Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang posted a blog, addressing and explaining the issue. He also clarified by saying that their only intention was to create the best GPU for the people, therefore they wanted the GTX 970 to have 4GB VRAM as newer games need more memory. He admitted that the Maxwell architecture should have been clearly detailed from the beginning.

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Though the CEO did say that they’ll do a better job next time, it’s unclear if Nvidia and its AIB partners will stop manufacturing and shipping newer GTX 970. There’s also another issue with those who wish to return the graphic cards. Like online retail websites like Newegg and Amazon have made efforts from their end to provide refund, users from other parts of the world don’t seem to be very happy about it.

While it is good that Nvidia officially acknowledged and addressed the issue, leaving a part of the issue unanswered may create a sour experience.

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