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Are Nvidia GTX 700 Series GPUs a rebranded GTX 600 Series?

Its been reported that the upcoming Nvidia GTX 700 Series graphic cards would be nothing rebranded 600 series cards with certain minor difference, but the AIB partners would eventually be allowed to their own design of the boards. The cards are supposedly going to launch on May 23rd, but its also being said that it may out come out on May 16th.

Nvidia’s GTX 780 is based on GK110 chip which 256-bit memory bus and based on GTX Titan LE, whereas GTX 770 would have a faster GK 104 425 chip, which will also have a 256-bit buss and according to the source this card is more or less rebranded version of GTX 680. But its also being told that Nvidia will be allowing their Add-in-board partners to manufacture their own boards for these graphic cards, but the cooling solution will look like the one in GTX Titan.

GTX 750 Ti in reality would be a rebranded GTX 670 (as the specs are awfully similar) and its based on GK 104 225 chip with a 256-bit memory interface.

AIB partners would most likely start selling this card with their custom design during the 3rd week of May or on June.

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The initial batches of the Nvidia 700 Series graphic cards will be first manufactured by Nvidia and then sent out to the manufacturers, as the chip maker wants to keep control of the quality of the cards to ensure that nothing goes wrong in the manufacturing process. There has been a news from Ocaholic about 700 series supporting DX12, but then again when one sees the older CPU-Z screenshots which pointed out this news, the motherboard manufacturer’s name was ASROCK and the model was one of Asus’ ROG series.

Do note, I am not saying that Ocaholic can be reporting inaccurate news, but there’s also a strong chance that most likely the initial production samples of Nvidia 700 series may have triggered misreading in CPU-Z, although ocaholic’s series of CPU-Z leaks over the past weeks is arousing certain suspicion, however once the graphic cards are out, we’ll know which report was accurate.

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