OCZ Vector Series SSD triggers a rise in stock prices

Watching stock market spikes at times is as jaw-dropping AND exciting as watching an extreme overclocker get higher and higher clock speeds- especially if its only because of a single product. Share prices of OCZ went insane- even shot up as high as 20% (16.67% at the time writing). It goes without saying: OCZ Vector Series is seriously making some serious numbers- in performance and in NASDAQ. The credit goes to OCZ. Barefoot 3 Controller is an inhouse RnD job. In a case like this, there are risks of going down or rising up high.


Speaking of performance,

Toms’ Hardware concluded their review of the Vector Series drive with the title “OCZ’s Barefoot 3 Paves The Way For Great Performance”- even stating the performance pars with Samsung’s 840 Pro:

Fortunately, the Barefoot 3 controller serves up enough performance to put the Vector on par with the 840 Pro. In the real world, it’s almost a certainty that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them (or a number of the nearly-as-fast but tangibly less expensive models featured each month in Best SSDs For The Money). More interesting than its tested performance is the speed at which the Vector is able to recover from taxing workloads.

TweakTown gave it a 93% and an Editor’s choice award for Vector Series SSD

So, how does it compare to everything else? Vector is faster than the previous generation drives based on the SF-2281 and Marvell controllers. It’s also a little faster than next-gen products that are shipping now with LAMD controllers and Samsung’s new 840. Vector even outperformed the TweakTown Chris Ramseyer 128GB SLC SSD when writing data to the drive in DiskBench. Through process of elimination that makes it one of the highest performing SSDs available on the market today. Good times rolling in for OCZ, especially with the new Barefoot 3 Controller. Its a big risk considering that everything was a in-house RnD job, but it paid well for the company.

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