Palit surpasses Asustek in global GPU market share

In what will look like as a shocking upset (mostly by fanboys), Taiwan-based Palit Microsystems and their Hong Kong based PC Partner has snatched the #1 ranking in terms of global market share for graphic cards from Asustek.

For those who don’t know, Palit currently sells graphic cards under the brand names Palit, Galaxy, Yuan, Gainward, Vvikoo, Xpertvision and Daytona. PC Partner is now the second largest vendor of graphic cards which sells AMD platform based Sapphire and Nvidia platform based Zotac.

Currently Asustek has become the 3rd largest vendor for graphic cards in the world, followed by MSI, Gigabyte, TUL (Powercolor) and others. In China’s GPU market, Asustek, MSI and PowerColor have higher custom duties and therefore higher retail price so they do not get picked up often compared to Chinese based brands Colourful Technology and Development.

However, in the overall demand of discrete graphic card market, there has been an increased adoption of integrated graphics and a decline in discrete GPU sales, followed by decreased demand in PCs.

Source: Digitimes

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  1. I am surprised Palit has more gainward and galaxy as their brand and that Sapphire and zotac is owned by the same company

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