Passmark released MemTest86 V5 with UEFI BIOS support and a lot more

Passmark, the company behind many monitoring, stress test, performance testing and diagnostic softwares, has now released Memtest86 V5. For those who do not know, MemTest86 is the first diagnostic utility that comes in mind when it comes to testing memory kits.

This is a very useful tool and helped a lot of people to either identify the issue or narrow it down to other possibilities when it comes to solving their PC hardware problems. Some of the biggest implementations are 64-bit coding along with USB keyboard support and mouse support, followed by dual boot with the v4 version.


MemTest86 5.0 has many features, including the support for the current UEFI platform. There are 2 editions for v5- Free and Pro Edition. The differences are as follows:


For those who are interested, you can check it out over here.

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