PayPal President showing signs of interest to include Bitcoin

During a video interview with Bloomberg, Paypal’s President David Marcus said that he is very interested in the virtual company and that his company is thinking about including Bitcoin one day.

David Marcus also said in a response a question put forward by Bloomberg’s interviewer:

So I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at it, and it’s truly fascinating actually: the way that the currency’s been designed, and the way that inflation is built in to pay for miners, and all that is truly fascinating. I think that for us at PayPal, it’s just a question whether Bitcoin will make its way to PayPal’s funding instrument or not. We’re kinda thinking about it.

The rest of the interview can be accessed from here.

Whether PayPal actually goes ahead and signs up with Bitcoin may not be confirmed, but it shows PayPal’s interest over the virtual currency revolution. Afterall, Bitcoin is slowing ending up to be the world’s first virtual currency alternative to money. Whether Bitcoin dies or any is something one will know in the near or distant future.

Source: The Next Web

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