Peter Tan ‘Shamino’ leaves Asus, retires from the overclocking scene

Shamino, one of the legendary overclockers that needs know introduction within our community has not quit Asus, but also the OC Scene as well. This news is heartbreaking for a lot of people, considering that Shamino’s long line of experience and growth in the industry as an enthusiast, overclocker and an innovator is well documented at well deserved.

Shamino started as an in-house overclocking at VR-Zone, and eventually started competing with names like  K|ngp|n, Hipro5 and many others. Shamino was known to make of the most well-known overclocking motherboards for Foxconn, EVGA and Asus. Some of his legendary motherboards are Foxconn BackOps, EVGA x58 and P55 Classified, Asus Rampage III, Rampage IV Extreme/ Black Edition, Maximus V Extreme/ Gene, Maximus VI Extreme/ Impact and as last projects: Maximus VI Extreme, Maximus VI Impact and Rampage IV Black Edition. Peter Tan is also known to make OC Panel and VGA hotplug which gave easy access control to overclockers and hardware enthusiasts.

Shamino’s long list of achievements and innovations was influential, well respected and very appreciated by many. Shamino is the second in-house overclocker to team ROG team within the period of 2 months. But he will always be known as someone who always inspired many people to become overclockers and encourage healthy activity in the overclocking community.

Leaving a company is one thing, but to hear Peter Tan’s retirement from this IT field comes as a shock for many people. On a personal note, I really hope this stays nothing more than long, extended break!!!

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