Press photos of AMD Radeon R9 285 GPUs appear well before the launch

According to sources, AMD is going to launch its new graphic card under the high-end R9 series called the Radeon R9 285. Pictures with non reference coolers from some of its AiB partners have started to surface well before the release date.

The AMD R9 285 GPU will be using a ‘Tonga’ core. According to the pictures, the card doesn’t seem to support Crossfire. Its being said that R9 285 allows XDMA crossfire over PCIe just like the R9 290 and R9 290X.

The press shots are from Sapphire, XFX and HIS. As of now, there is not information revealed yet about the core. It is speculated that an unlocked Tonga core has 2048 processing cores. The card would more likely be clocked at 918 MHz with a memory count starting from 2GB GDDR5 via 256-bit bus. The bus is clocked at 1375MHz which is lesser than R9 280 and 280X. The card draws extra power via 2x 6-pin PCIe connectors, likely to be under 250W TDP.

The card will be launched by this month. The price segments of these cards are unknown.

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