Only SSD Prime ABGB

Prime ABGB starts OnlySSD

Last time I talked about SSDs being more and more affordable with many companies pushing in good Solid State Drives with better-than-before pricing. One of the contributors told me about him receiving an email about OnlySSD

After checking out the whois detail, it was found the domain belongs to a well-established retailer Prime ABGB.


As of now, they’re selling SSDs from OCZ, Kingston, Crucial, Sandisk, Corsair, Zalman, Intel and Samsung. I did have a word with Samsung India’s PR few months back that they did confirm that they weren’t planning on bringing SSDs..yet. Prime ABGB is also known to import and sell SSDs, memory sticks and cases that are not available in India easily. It goes without saying that Prime ABGB is pushing ahead to bring brands in and give choices for the buyers.

Credits to Faheem Maldar for the info.

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