Project Cars

‘Project Cars’ dev denies stifling AMD Radeon Performance; points towards Catalyst Drivers

Slightly Mad Studios may seem to be having a tough time facing accusations that they have sabotaged performance yield when their latest racing Sim ‘Project Cars’ is played and AMD Radeon GPU. This started out when it was indicated that Project Cars yielded the same amount frame rate with AMD Radeon R9 290X in the same lines of Nvidia GTX 760. Ouch!!

Project Cars

It escalated a bit when rumours started to circle that the sim is made using Nvidia ‘GameWorks’ and PhysX Technology.

Slightly Mad Studios responded, saying that they did not get any money from Nvidia. The studio made the following statement:

Since then, the Reddit article is labelled as ‘misleading’.  The Question now remains if AMD Radeon would release a new set of drivers. It’s has been more than 160 days since AMD released any new WHQL drivers, but it did release two BETA drivers since. The last updated one was Catalyst 14.12 Omega WHQL drivers which released on 09.12.2014. The BETA driver was made for optimizing Grand Theft Auto V and to add AMD Free Sync support.

But, on the other hand, many would question if Slightly Mad Studios should have even used PhysX engine in the first place. Would AMD release new drivers during/after AMD R9 390X launch? Your guess is as good as mine!

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