Public letter to Roydon Cerejo, the new corporate marketing and PR for Asus India

First, congratulations to you for 1up in your career. You were a senior reviewer in Tech2 for (I am assuming) a very long time. Being a corporate marketing and PR even for a brand like Asus is a huge responsibility. I hope you do it to he best of your abilities.

I as a reviewer would like to remind you of few errors that you’ve made in your past reviewers, which may have inadvertently made to lose their hard earned money and maybe even make lose interest in PC overall.

To ensure that this doesn’t get brushed away as a ‘rant’, I’ll use your last graphic card review to point out the error you’ve made. In your older reviews, you’ve also done the similar mistakes but the last graphic card review does the job nicely.:

10 months ago, in a comment section of a graphic card review, an individual asked if an iBall Sprinter 600w (a brand that’s usually known to sell substandard re-labeled power supplies) will work with an R9 280X graphic card. Specifically, the same brand that you’re working for- Asus R9-280X-DC2T-3GD5 graphic card. Alas, I saw that update from yours way too late when someone forwarded that link to me, and I couldn’t follow-up with that same individual. But at the end of the day, he is your reader who posted in your site. If you don’t know about good and bad power supplies, I can’t help but even ask- why did you even bother with PC tech if you didn’t know what you were doing or saying? It is unfortunate that a fellow (and now former) reviewer said that its not a problem to use a substandard power supply with the graphic card, ironically of the same brand that he’s now working for.


In a time where people spend a lot of their hard-earned money on a system that they can enjoy with, it is wrong to recommend something that’s meant to power and protect your system (and other components) without knowing how good or bad it is. I don’t have the resources to test power supplies, but I take pride in telling the companies and even readers of saying the same, because I rather refer them to another source than to mislead them. In fact, I recommend the power supplies that are tried, tested and reviewed from reputed websites- Anandtech, HardOCP, Jhonny GURU, TweakTown and few more. Couple of companies insisted that I should do power supply reviews, one of them even used the words ‘review it with a different perspective’ and even pointed me towards a review of their sample posted in a forum with such ridiculous testing method that you’re just a loss for words. There were even PRs that even said the exact words ‘If a guy like Jayesh Limaye can change a sentence of a conclusion of a USB flash drive for us, why not you?’. I am not sure if its true or not, but if it is- good god!! No wonder the PC Tech review scene is in such a miserable mess.

Back to this ‘advice’, let me refer you to a power supply guide I wrote and posted in Indian  tech forums, something that helped a lot of people to understand. Its because of such actions, PC tech h/w journalism reduced to nothing more than a product placement. A joke. A very bad joke.

Just to point out to my respected readers who question why am I doing this (or if I have a motive), its been known that reviewers have pointed out other reviewer’s mistakes. Both directly and indirectly. In fact, many reviewers even exposed payola done by other website owners. Its only natural that a reviewer will do so. He does the same with brands as well. This isn’t so different. Its just difficult for me to be silent about a person whom I know did or said something that he/ she shouldn’t. I did the same with Gigabyte with the hopes that they’ll improve and others will learn rather than giggling because its their rival brand. It helps people to keep active on their feet. I hope they did, for their user’s sake at the very least.

I just wished you re-corrected yourself or learnt by at least reading other review websites , or at least reply to that comment. You didn’t, which makes me you- on what basis did you tell something where a user will risk his substandard power supply with a graphic card that’s currently priced between 22k-25k via online retail stores. If the reviewers don’t help their own readers, who will? “Being busy” is not a justification, especially from a reviewer. Even in reputed websites, the reviewers always reply to their readers. Two-way communication. You should have kept better track on things.

What? And you thought nobody was watching??? This was forwarded to me by another reviewer who said,”Its people who write reviews like this destroys the reputation of Indian reviewers.” We help and guide people in a right manner in one corner, and people like you making a mess on the other side?

vedict tech2 review

In the same review, you posted your experience with Nvidia drivers, therefore ending up saying “Nvidia needs to seriously work on their drivers or hurry up with their next-gen cards as from the looks of it, it’s going to be a red Christmas”.

Its not really clear which drivers you’re talking about- or whether it was a WHQL driver to begin with. Nvidia has better luck making much better drivers, and it was something that many users appreciated- from novices to power users (the real ones anyways). Nvidia kept on working to a point that their updates were usually SLI profiles, or to provide support for their newly released graphic cards. In fact, Nvidia’s drivers also provide great support for multi-GPU setup. But your vague comment simply confuses people, rather than advising them. I am assuming you’re talking about 331.58 drivers? Since you said that Nvidia needs to seriously work on their drivers, I am assuming you know what you were talking about? This is not fanboyism. A lot of people who went back and forth AMD Radeon and Nvidia GPUs will say it. To AMD Radeon’s credit, they do seem to make an effort. That was reflected when they assured to its users that they’ll work on the frame rate issue with their cards.

Clarity and depth of information is as important as keeping track on things. Or else its useless or even harmful. Even with limited resources, people can post their analysis properly, or at least point out the experiences.

All things considered, I am happy that Nimish Sawant is in Tech2. He’s a very good tech reviewer and with the freedom that online publications give, his style of reviewing can evolve nicely considering content from magazines, no matter how much content you can squeeze, you’ll need to compress it. Though most of the reviews his write still feel compressed, lot of his reviews are spot-on. He knows what he’s saying and many of his conclusions are practical and sound. At least the readerbase of the site won’t be misled. I sincerely hope that he continues on, so that I can have confidence that all is not lost. I also have a lot of respect for another person who worked in Digit long ago. Its easy for me to communicate with him on a mutual level because he’s been there. While I didn’t read his reviews, judging by the way we interact, he knows what he’s saying. He knows a good product when he sees one, even if its from competitor. He asks for feedbacks and at times he’s ready to step out of the comfort zone to know what can be done to improve his brand’s products. The end result is that he became the country head- and I am very happy. Who wouldn’t?

But in order to do that, you need to know the basics. Never EVER tell that its okay to pair a substandard power supply with YOUR product. A lot of people are going to read that and believe it. If there’s any shred of decency and regret, I would appreciate if you add another comment to correct yourself. At least the newbies who read that comment will not be mislead.

When/if you improve eventually, I’ll be the first to smile. Afterall, I am the one who pointed this out and others didn’t, even when you were active as a reviewer. But rest assured, I will point out the wrong facts as much as possible should it slide away. This is Hardware BBQ- YOUR source for PC Tech H/W Reviews, Previews and Recommendations”.

There were many times you made mistakes in some of your reviews in the past and you’ve even made some misleading remarks that I wanted to correct you. But if I did, you’ll probably take it in the wrong way as a reviewer- or maybe even delete it. But now that you’re no longer a reviewer, the situation has changed. I don’t have the time to recollect and pin-point such reviews/ write-up, but I am sure you can point that for yourself. Taking the above as an example, that power supply comment of yours did hit my nerve back then, but I found that its more important to help the person by pointing towards the right direction rather than correcting you. Next time, do not say something that you don’t know about. There’s no shame in saying ‘I don’t know anything about it!”.

There’s always a choice to pretend you didn’t do all this. But just like Shripad Kudtarkar of Gadgetop said, “Its true that Internet never forgets a thing. Now we know why”. I or others may exchange smiles (or cold stare, its all good!) say our ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’. But PC tech reviewers and even tech journalists will know you as a person who told his reader that its perfectly fine to use a power supply by a brand known for substandard power supplies with an Asus R9 280X card.

Yours Truly,

The Sorcerer

P.S.: We heard complaints from folks that you delete people’s comments in your reviews, usually the ones who point out your obviously inaccurate and/or biased writeup. I also heard about a certain Audioengine Vs. Bose writeup where you faced a lot of heat from readers, but you were apparently active in deleting such comments. Tech2 has a habit of deleting their much older content when they change their CMS and disqus comment system gives power to people to delete/ edit their own comment. For those who are interested, and before the content or comment is altered, the following is the screenshot of the questioned article:

tech2 review roydon

  1. As one reviewer to another, I sincerely request that you work on the copy-editing for your posts before pointing other people’s mistakes. It’s disappointing to find hardware posts or “open letters” with 30-40 grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. I could screencap it and point out each and every one of these but I think a simple reread of your own post would be sufficient for you to identify these yourself. If you noticed, the commenter asked if that particular PSU would “work” with his 280x. The minimum spec for a 280x is *any* 500W PSU. That iBall model is not one I’d recommend myself but the commenter was asking if his PSU would work with the card. Did you ever consider the fact that the commenter might not want to upgrade his PSU? Or that so-called “substandard” PSUs might not be all that as bad as you make them out to be? I have a CoolerMaster Thunder 600W PSU in my main testing rig. That’s powered a 780 Ti, a 980 Ti, a 980 Ti AMP Extreme, an R9 390X and a lot more. Per many “reviewers,” who like yourself have probably not had access to a variety of PSUs, the CM Thunder is garbage, liable to explode at any time. I’ve comfortably ran the reference 980 Ti OC’ed to upwards of 1500 MHz on that power supply with nary a problem. Again, my personal PSU recommendations would include Seasonic, Corsair, and CM models, but I would not make a value judgment about the iBall until and unless I actually used it myself. It might’ve been a bit careless on Roydon’s part to have recommended that without offering alternatives, but I’d certainly not view that as grounds for some variety of character assassination. You know what they say about practicing what you preach, right? Spellchecking and proofreading have got to be right at the bottom of the list of fundamentals when you write anything for an audience. I’d hate for readers to read your material and come to the conclusion that the Indian review scene isn’t worth it because Indian reviewers don’t even have a highschool level competency in English grammar.

  2. Hey!

    Whatever floats your boat. Had Tech2 didn’t flush out much older content down, the list would be enormous. If you read that follow-up comment there, the guy did say that he ended up facing an issue.

    At least whatever I said, I’ve said in public with the hope things would improve. Or would you rather prefer if people relevant in this line of work make fun of reviewers in emails, meets, etc.?

    A lot of reviewers in India do pump out substandard content. It’s something nobody needs to say. A lot of people know and make fun of time and again not just in tech forums, but also in Facebook groups. Now when reviewers don’t use it to improve, then it’s a serious problem. A problem that not many have worked on improving it.

    And it’s been happening for a very long time since Techtree was around. I still remember the Creative EP-630 review which was plagiarized with an exception to a couple of words, replacing ‘London Underground’ with ‘Mumbai Local’. But then Amey Dalvi did accept that it was an oversight, assuring it wouldn’t happen at the time.

    Another guy I have respect for Nimish Sawant and also Harish Jonnalagadda, but that’s it.

    In regards to the power supply, it is best to avoid such power supplies, and power supplies that are not being tested with proper testing methods. Testing graphic cards for a brief moment on an open test bench and running a fully built system for a much longer time are separately two things. That’s why power supplies have a series of a testing method which involves using a load tester to put a lot on a PSU- and not a system. Most of these units are relabelled but without knowing the OEM and/or if it’s a specific built or simply rebadged like how certain blue coloured VIP 400w power supply was FSP OEM a very long time ago, somewhere at the time Corsair VX450 was known for its reliability in that range. If the user doesn’t want to change a power supply, it’s always best to give a disclaimer that there is a risk of using substandard power supplies. BTW, the ‘substandard PSU’ is not brand specific. Even Corsair and Coolermaster have its share of bad power supplies while other manufacturers stay safe and sticking with relabelling retail units from reliable OEMs. Nothing wrong with relabelling, but only if it’s from a proper OEM. Judging by the long going reputation of such brands, it’s best to avoid than to regret.

    BTW, a company did send some Indian branded power supplies to Malaysia for testing to check on a certain compatibility test. All failed. Hardly a surprise.

    I do make mistakes, but I also correct them and improve at the same time. Same couldn’t be said for most people. :)

    Most simply get their job done without checking and don’t work on criticism. You’re free to take a screenshot. But there are a lot more than grammar mistakes in the established media like not checking compatibility of hardware before making up a list of build recommendations. The list goes on. I would like to point it out, unfortunately, this is something that the writers themselves need to be conscious of. What’s worse is that this happens despite with a good line of reviewers and editors around.

    It’s good that you have the pride of proofreading thoroughly. It’s not my strong quality, but I make an effort and slowly I improve. Most don’t make that effort. But I have always criticized many reviewers well before I’ve started reviewing, and still will.

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