Qarnot QC-1 uses two RX 580 for crypto, room heater

So we now have an AMD Radeon RX 580 heater!!!

It is a long-running joke among many enthusiasts to use a high heat-dissipating graphics card as a room heater, it is just that nobody thought of making it as a product until now. As silly as it sounds in the previous sentence, the implementation is a great idea in many cold countries.

This is the Qarnot QC-1, a crypto miner with two AMD Radeon Sapphire Nitro RX 580 which is designed to let the heat dissipated from the system as re-purpose it as a heater. Qarnot Computing calls QC-1 as a crypto-heater. As per the video, it was tested using an AMD Ryzen Pro 1700X on a Biostar X370-GTN motherboard using the bequiet CPU cooler. But the end product is a fan-less heatsink type casing which will rely on fanless design for the silent operation needed in a workplace.

Based on the video, the QC-1 crypto-heater can be wall-mounted or placed on the floor stand. The founder says this will be used in smart buildings that require computing power and so much heat.


Computing2 GPU : NITRO+ RADEON RX 580 8G
60 MH/s
Dimensions65×62.5×15 cm
Weight27 kg
Anodized aluminum
Noise0 dB
Connections110/230V AC
RJ45 Ethernet
InterfacesCapacitive touch
Mobile app
Web app
GithubTemperature and LED management

Qarnot Computing’s  QC-1 consumes up to 500-watts and provides heat for 20m² rooms. According to Qarnot, the computing power of this crypto-miner will earn 100 EUROs worth Ethereum tokens per month. It’s also interesting is the video shows a wooden top over the QC-1 with wireless charging and WiFi. It does have an app where you can control the amount of heat you require from the crypto-cooler.

Each of this QC-1 crypto-heater is priced for 2,900 EUR. More information can be found here.

Qarnot QC-1 uses two RX 580 for crypto, room heater from hardware

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  1. Erratum : maximum heating power of the QC-1 is 650W (up to 450W in mining mode, and up to 200W more including booster mode). Regards,

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