Quantum Break gets a massive 27GB Patch

On April 13th, Remedy Entertainment had to apologize for the mess that Quantum Break for PC is, but recently the company rolled out a very large 27GB game patch for the PC variant. This is being told by the studio’s PR Thomas Puha. This will be the second Title Update for the game.

The patch doesn’t bring anything new to the game, rather it simply fixes the series of issues that prevented the PC gamers advancing further. One of the fixes shown in the log says ‘Removed unnecessary loading screens showing up’. According to some complaints in its forums, there was no way to quit from the main menu. Frame pacing issue was fixed, along with an option to turn on/off Film grain and upscaling.

The details of the patch are as follows:

Remedy Entertainment was in a lot of heat when the Windows 10 variant  was released, and on April 13th, the studio had to issue an apology. Furthermore, Remedy Entertainment said that Microsoft requires updating Windows 10 before they can fix the memory management issue for Quantum Break. And how much time would it take Microsoft to fix the memory management for Remedy to work on the issue at hand? Time will tell.

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