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Raja Koduri teases Intel Xe HPG running 3DMark Mesh Shader Test

UL Benchmarks has been working on its new 3DMark Mesh Shader Feature test. Intel’s Raja Koduri showed a screenshot of this test in action with its unreleased Intel Xe gaming graphics card. Not much information is released, but it shows the public appearance of this graphics-card-in-progress with an unreleased benchmark test. It doesn’t say anything about its performance, but it shows increment develop we like to see.

So far so good?

We’ll just have to keep an eye out on Raja’s tweet for Intel Xe HPG’s gameplay performance videos and results. Some benchmarks on DX12 Ultimate and DirectX Ray Tracing is something to look forward to. Naturally, any claims by any GPU brands should be taken with some salt (including leaks) until independent tests reveal otherwise. Intel is no stranger to that considering its past adventures with Principled Technologies. Still, we all live to learn- or don’t! While all three PC processing chipmakers have done the same, we always love to see strong debuts and underdogs. Intel is not an underdog. But it is first promising progress towards discrete graphics card release for the consumer market.

Having a third major player in a starving gaming-grade graphics card market will play a major role. Naturally, one will have down-to-earth expectations with its first discrete gaming-grade graphics card. But its something to look forward to and see how it grows in time in terms of performance, price and power consumption. Intel’s management shift in its CPU division post-Bob Swan’s exit has been promising so far with Intel veteran Pat Gelsinger at the helm. So it will be interesting to see how Intel stands in the distant future- for both CPUs and GPUs.

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