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Rashi starts ‘Buy Authentic’ Campaign for Quadro GPUs

Rashi Peripherals, a nationwide distributor for PC Hardware from companies ( At the time of writing: Adata, AMD, Altec Lansing, APC, Asus, ECS, HP, Logitech, LG, Lenovo, Patriot, Netgear, Leadtek, Nexans, Plantronics, SanDisk, Sony, Targus, Toshiba, Viewsonic, And XFX) have launched a “buy authentic” campaign where they put a Holographic Sticker. This way a buyer will know that this is from one of the official distributors for Leadtek Quadro cards.

Rashi said in their press release that:

“The core objective of this campaign is to educate consumer and partners on the possible pitfalls and help them procure Quadro cards from the right source. To help partners identify original products, Rashi Peripherals have added a unique HOLOGRAM STICKER to the packaging.This 3D hologram has RPTECH logo on it and additionally there is a bright red sticker with Authentic written on it. Quadro cards are used for critical professional applications thus it is all the more important for buyers to purchase original Leadtek products with hologram & sticker only. In case of doubt they should contact nearest Rashi branch. The hologram will distinguish between the products sold with a promise of 3 years warranty & products available in the market without any such support. It is one more initiative by Rashi committing towards improving channel confidence.”

I’ve asked Rashi’s PR why would it be necessary to have this provided the box has Rashi peripherals’ importer/distributor sticker on the packaging itself, just like on the picture above and the reply was the following:

“One is duplicate cards wherein Rashi sticker is also copied and 2nd is of refurbished cards without warranty. Since stickers are easy to copy we decided to add Hologram to improve authentication. Rashi is the sole sales and service provider of Leadtek/Nvidia Quadro cards, therefore any one buying any other cards will either be Refurbished or without legal warranty.”

Naturally, I asked about a non-Quadro graphics card, specifically naming Asus:

“This problem in Asus GPU does not persist as average selling price of a normal GPU is far less than a Quadro cards.”

They did use the word “prevention is better than cure” when I got a reply for the couple of questions I asked- and personally I think that if distributor/importer sticker is duplicated, consumer grade hardware should have some safeguard as well- especially for those who don’t what they’re buying from whom is from official distribution. Consumers buy graphics cards from the stores of their preference, unfortunately, some unknowingly buy duplicated cards or cards via parallel import/”Grey Market” where you would not get warranty support. This isn’t the only time anyone had raised concerns as one of the manufacturer did specifically state that there have been many issues that their RMA centre had received an influx of hard drives that are not officially distributed during the Thailand flood incident.

Though, Rashi isn’t the only official distributor for Leadtek Quadro, when I asked others who are listed in Leadtek’s website as official distributor for Quadro cards- out of all I emailed (and called one of them), couple of them replied back (one via phone and another via email) that stated that they import Quadro cards directly from the manufacturer. Therefore a doubt was raised by one of the partners of Leadtek Quadro, Computers Infinite when I sent them a mail:

“till date, Leadtek has not sold any such  boards with holographic stickers  to us and we wonder what impact this will have on thousands of boards that have been  sold  over years when they come back for warranty.”

Computer Infinite also specifically said that they deal in professional VGA boards /hardware and cater hardware/software needs related to CAD/CAM/GIS/Simulation, Financial markets, Digital Signage, DCC and manufacturing- and they buy boards directly only from the manufacturer, be it any brand. Another authorized Distributor said that they import the hardware from the manufacturer and sell systems to those with professional needs but if the customers require they sell the cards separately as well. Wouldn’t it be better off if Leadtek put their own stickers before importing it to their distributors in India? If Rashi was the only distributor, this wouldn’t have been questioned.

An Email was sent to Leadtek and another question about warranty support to the cards before implementing this “buy authentic” campaign to Rashi. Once I get the reply, this post will be updated.

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  1. plz tell rashi to check out palika bazaar in delhi a lot of them are selling normal asus cards without bill or sticker. wherever they got their statistics itz wrong. they’re not doing normal cards because its not easy to keep a track on so many cards.

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