Rashi Peripherals stops RMA of certain Asus products

A member of an Indian tech forum said that Rashi Peripheral Centre in Cochin re-directed him to Digicare for RMA of his Asus F1-A75M motherboard. Rashi Peripherals is the distributor for Asus India who also has been handling after sales support and RMA for its product, along with Digicomp and Digicare, but it is been told that Asus India will be making the announcement that Rashi will not be handling  the RMA of certain product lineups, but will be taken care by Digicomp and Digicare instead.

It is not yet confirmed which product lineups Rashi will not be handling RMA for, but Rashi Peripherals will still take care of distributions and sales of Asus product lineups, and even honour swap warranty of certain product lineups. Looking at the recent experience of an end user, the motherboard would most likely be entirely handled by Digicomp and Digicare.

This should help Asus India to regain their reputation on service and RMA front as Rashi Peripherals has been known for a series of delayed service in many parts of the country, mostly for PC Hardware components. Digicomp and Digicare were introduced as a supplement to handle RMA alongside Rashi about more than a year ago.

Once Asus India has made the formal announcement with the necessary details, this post will be updated.

Stay Tuned….

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