Raspberry Pi gets a Wolfson Audio Card add-on worth $33

The makers of Raspberry Pi, element 14, recently released an audio card worth $33 for its $25 computer. The audio card add-on is made with the help of Wolfson audio and can product audio quality of up to 24-bit/192KHz. The interface will use Pi’s P5 pins.


The unit also contains a power amplifier for speakers with a connection to an external power. The connector options are as follows:

  •     3.5 mm jack (4-pole) for a headset/boom mic combination for gaming or VoIP applications
  •     3.5 mm jack for microphone input
  •     On-board MEMS microphone
  •     3.5 mm jack stereo line input for connection to devices such as digital audio players (iPod etc.) or mobile phones
  •     3.5 mm jack stereo line output for connection to devices such as external stereo amplifiers or powered speakers
  •     S/PDIF input and output
  •     On-board class D power amplifier for external speakers, with connection to external power source if needed.
  •     Small pin header for extra functions if they are low cost, already on-chip, and don’t require any further components
  •     Raspberry Pi form factor

The add-on can be purchased from here.

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