Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition Elite Keyboard Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specifications
  3. Closer Look, User experience and NKRO testing
  4. Conclusion

The actual title is longer than that. Judging by the font, I am assuming “BlackWidow” is one word. (Begone grammar/spelling Nazis!!!)

Gaming keyboards command a certain premium (for now): N-Key Rollover, Dedicated Macro buttons, dedicated buttons for FPS/RTS gaming, bigger-than-usual keys, soft/rubber feel buttons (and wrist rest), LED lights (either blue/White or multi coloured), ability to connect at least 1 USB 2.0 port, mic/headphone rerouting port, LED screens to show the status of the game play (for example: health, bullets- the works) and also special edition keyboards for a game franchise.

And then it started: Few gamers who play and win on fairly regular basis started endorsing for the product and also started recommending it to people: certificates, videos, product placement ads, during interviews, taking company’s name/product when they win a competition, wearing T-shirts, giving interviews- the list goes on. However, some gamers don’t need to speak. That’s the beauty of product placements if you’re doing it major international: pictures of high profile gamers during game play are taken, and people can manage to see what kind of stuff they use. Out of which some will such products as well.

And then there’s this trend I see where companies who probably you never heard of endorsing LAN gamers that participate multiple gaming LAN events- and win them. Give them tees for their clans, free hardware: Of course some gaming clans expand and try to sign up with gamers who participate and win multiple games. This trend is very much active in India: Like CS clan “ATE” incorporating COD4 and other type of gamers within their “label”. We also have Roccat.ROG (As in republic of gamers?). I was also bit suspicious when some forum contributors (Indian and International) who haven’t used any gaming keyboards in the past try to push the product as well by recommending it EVERYWHERE.

And then Ideazon was acquired by Steelseries back in 2008. Back then we had Razer, Steelseries,  Logitech pretty much catering to gamers. Then Coolermaster started playing this game and then few companies appeared out of no where.

Still, every model/version/brand/rev has certain difference- anything between warranty till overall built quality.

But at the end of the day, we’re consumers. Gamers are consumers too. Consumers have preference and certain needs. But the most common element is the ease of use, out of the box usability, practical and useful features, built quality and track record/ experience during RMA from their fellow friends and other users. Big thumbs up for the potential of the community power!

Out of enthusiasm, I’ve bought, used and reviewed Ideazon Merc Stealth Keyboard long time ago (Pre-BBQ days for the forums around 2007) and it was pretty decent at the time. I’ve been honest with whatever experience I had back then, and it was pretty decent. If you give me the same board now, I would probably find a lot of nitpicks since I am getting hands on a lot of stuff and spending time with it.
Razer sent Black Widow “Elite” keyboard. This is a mechanical keyboard made for gamers. Let see how she does.

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  1. you should have more reviews about gaming keyboards especially since companies like cm, steelseries, razer, roccat, Ttsports, etc. cooks up a lot of keyboard types after every 6-8 months…

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