Razer Synapse 2

Razer Synapse 2.0 forces users to login/Sign up to change their gaming h/w settings- possibility of data-mining?

A last thing an end user would like to see: Their hardware being crippled by unable to change the settings of their newly purchase mouse unless they are forced to sign up/sign in to manufacturer’s “cloud services”. Such is the case of those who purchase a new gaming peripherals from Razer and using Synapse 2.0. To those who do not know, Synapse 2.0 is a cloud based service which requires the user to sign up/sign in so that he can get access to changing settings of their keyboards/mouse- macro, polling rates, profile presets- the list goes on- and access those presets from anywhere as long as you’re connected. The only way you can use this offline if you’ve signed in/up and checked the “Stay logged in” box.

However if you want to set the mouse settings/macro via offline like how its done and supposed to be done? Well, you can’t- as its pretty obvious from Razer’s Video on YouTube:

One of the case that is highlighted (other than the complaints in YT’s comments) is overclock.net’s member “channelx99” who bought his Naga 2012 mouse but much to his surprise that he had sign up just to set this mouse settings. To add more frustration in a newly purchased mouse, his account wasn’t activated and there was no helpful support from Razer’s tech support at the time.

If you think it applies to Naga 2012, checking out product firmware page in Razer’s website revealed that there are no older drivers for older keyboards/mouse as well.


Equally disturbing fact is the TOS (under Point 4.) of Synapse 2.0 which seem to suggest that Razer maybe using Synapse 2.0 to collect information:


“User Generated Information” means any information made available to Razer through your use of the Software. Subject to the Privacy Policy mentioned above, you expressly grant Razer the complete and irrevocable right to use, reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, distribute, transmit, broadcast, and otherwise communicate, and publicly display and perform the User Generated Information and derivative works thereof in any form, anywhere, with or without attribution to you, and without any notice or compensation to you of any kind.

Razer may have deemed that this could be useful to gamers but any end users who like to have control over the settings of their purchased hardware and many would not like to “sign up” for something that they have paid a premium and like the counterparts- there’s an offline firmware that doesn’t require to sign in. Hopefully, other manufacturers will not follow this “feature” and alienate end users in exchange to collect statistics/data.

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