Razer to introduce 2nd gen linear optical switches with the necessary fixes

Razer announced the 2nd generation of its linear optical switches used and sold in its keyboard variants. It is reported that these will be ready to be released by August. Razer assures that the next variant will be quieter than its 1st generation yellow and purple switches.

Razer has been designing and/or making its own mechanical switches (Razer calls these ‘optical’ like Logitech’). They have three switches out of which one of them is a linear switch- Razer ‘Yellow’ and ‘Purple’. According to the source who reviewed the Huntsman Tournament Edition, it was noisy. After this feedback, Razer said they’ll be introducing a second generation of the linear optical switches to correct this issue. Razer Huntsman mini is the latest of its mechanical keyboard announced a couple of days ago. 

Razer’s ‘four amigos’

Razer linear optical switches yellow and purple

Razer has three optical switches- trademark green which has the tactile bump and the click sound, mostly preferred by typists (like the Cherry MX Blue), orange, like the Gateron and Cherry MX Brown, has the tactile bump but without the click sound. The Yellow, as said before, is a linear mechanical switch mostly preferred by gamers and streamers who don’t wish their keyboard clicks to be picked up by their microphones. Just like Cherry MX Reds. But this one starting making noise and hence needed to addressed.

There’s also the Razer purple, which is clear and creates click sound.

Razer’s Switch-er-roo

For some reason, Razer chose to have own switches, even with Cherry MX, Kailh, Gaterons and many other switch makers. The company did use Cherry MX and Kailh switches in the distant past. But Kailh made those switches exclusively for Razer. One couldn’t speculate if these are still made by Kailh? But it doesn’t matter due to its exclusivity and apparently designed by Razer. Internally, there seems to be a difference. This is more of a hunch- even a passing thought to find a fun way waste ten seconds of your time.

It is not known if Razer switches are made by anybody else- or if Razer will allow such collaboration.

How is Razer fixing this problem?

Razer informed Toms Hardware that it will be using different lubrication and having more of it in its switches. Furthermore, it is adding silicone dampeners in these. As a result, Razer claims a reduction of 50% of the switches noise issue. Razer didn’t say if they have to change the design of the stem or housing. Apparently, it was as simple as that. This whole communication makes me ask the question: How will other switch makers address this issue since their switches are used in many variants from different brands and also sold as a component in many DIY keyboard makers. True, there are those who would re-lube those mechanical switches and even use O-rings to dampen them.


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