Red Dead Redemption 2 new trailer, pre-booking available!

The almost-empty space of the wild west games!

Its strange many developers haven’t picked up on Wild West theme for video games. Old and Wild West is a very popular theme in movies and TV series, but it is not seen in Gaming except a title or two. Rockstar Games’ Red Dead is the only game series that have done so with the open world set on the Red Dead Redemption. It did have a lot of ups and down, Tweaking done for its RAGE engine and the game’s development was its most expensive project before Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto V.  The game was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at the time.

The only way one can play on Red Dead Redemption (and other non-PC PS titles) on the PC was via Playstation NOW, Sony PlayStation’s official game streaming service.

Red Dead Redemption II Trailer, Launch Date and Pre-Booking

Rockstar Games has been teasing Red Dead Redemption II trailer for a while. but its second trailer shows a clear setting in its open-themed set. The trailer gives a great exposure to what you can do in the game, similar to its offering in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Red Dead Redemption II is red dead set to be released on the October 26th for the XBox One and PlayStation 4. No news about support for PC or via PlayStation Now. Currently, there are three editions- Standard, Special and Ultimate. All three editions can be pre-booked in the US, with the UK having standard and special editions.  At the time of writing, the Standard version is available for pre-order only for the PlayStation 4.


PlayStation 4



PlayStation 4

XBox One



PlayStation 4

XBox One

Red Dead Redemption II for PC?

There might be a chance Rockstar Games working on the PC version. A few months ago, Rockstar games listed a job requirement for a programmer. The candidate will be involved in a number of titles in Rockstar Leeds. One of them listed Red Dead Redemption II including PC as a platform.

It is doubtful PC version will be out anytime soon. Rockstar Games has a history of releasing games on the PC platform a few months and even a year after its launch for the consoles.

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