Retail Packs of Intel Haswell CPUs on sale in China

In one corner, we’re waiting for the launch of the upcoming 4th generation Intel core series ‘Haswell’ processors which is said to be officially announced during Computex in June, but it seems that they’ve already been put on sale in a China.

Specifically, a Chinese based online store has already started selling Haswell chips, including the Haswell’s flagship model: Intel i7-4770K.

Other than that, i7-4660k, i5-4670K, i5-4570 and i5-4430 are already put on sale. The flagship model costs as high as $420/2580.00 Yuan, whereas i5-4670K is priced for $284/1749 Yuan to the cheapest processor with Haswell architecture ‘i7-4430’ priced at $211/1299 Yuan.


i7 4770K is clocked at Quad-core 3.5GHz with 8MB Cache with the support for DDR3 1600MHz and TDP of 84w. 4570 comes with the clock speed of 3.2GHz with 6MB Cache Quad-core processor, followed by 4430, with 3.0GHz clock speed.

These CPUs are quad cores, with i7 versions coming with 8 threads and i5 coming with 4, but all come with HD4600 onboard graphics and has only 84w TDP.

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