Russia to make its own processors, plans to ditch AMD and Intel


The ministry of Industry in Russia plans to replace processor offerings from AMD and Intel in favour of locally made microprocessors for its internal uses. It was indicated that in 2015, Russia will manufacture a new range of microprocessors based on 28nm fabrication.

These processors will be made by Baikal Electronics, a subsidiary of a supercomputer developer ‘T-Platforms’. This undertaking is funding via infrastructure and educational programs ‘Rusnano’, ‘T-Platforms’ and ‘T-Nano’.

The initial domestic processors would most likely be an eight-core 28nm Baikal M and M or S topology based on 64-bit Cortex A-57. According to the Russian newspaper ‘Kommersant’, Baikal is scheduled to be released in early 2015. It is also indicated that the ministry plans to release 16nm based 16-core server processor by 2016.

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