‘Ryse’ for PC graphics compared with Xbox One counterpart

Crytek’s Ryse is is going to hit PC after the game hits Xbox One, but a comparison video is made between the two gaming platform variants.


The comparison was made by Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry, there is a difference that favours PC, but still need couple of improvements. The author of this article said,”Slotting a Radeon R9 290 into our Core i7 3770K PC overclocked to 4.3GHz, Ryse’s spectacular opening renders beautifully at a native 1080p, with a flawless 60fps update. A 30fps cap is included in the options, but crucially, Crytek allows PC users to run fully unlocked – and given the right hardware, the impact is spectacular.”

Truth be told, a lot of people would think that the obvious is pointed out, but in all fairness the author added another point. He added,“There’s an improved clarity to the game in motion, and a hint of blur on Xbox One (especially evident in completely static scenes), but it’s hardly a revelatory improvement, with the advantage mostly lost in movement. We need to move to 2560×1440 and 4K to see a truly game-changing difference – and that requires some serious GPU power.”

As the game currently stands, you’ll need a good enough gaming to notice the difference, you will need a high end rig. The minor differences that you can see between an XBox One and PC is certain variance on LODs and self-shadowing characters.

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