Samsung 840 SSD Puppy ad

Samsung under fire for a controversial 840 Series ad

The South Korean Tech company Samsung recently showed off their new ad promoting its new 840 series SSD. However, it has done more harm than good. The ad showed a man with his notebook throwing it below a landfill because of the frustration of the notebook’s “stubbornness” before physically attacking the notebook with an animation of a big-eyed, sad puppy eyes. As one will expect in the wonderful land of advertisements, the laptop- in another scenario- gets a Samsung 840 SSD update and the notebook behaves as if it got a new lease of life.

It seemed obvious that the South Korean giant wanted to portray a message that computers have feelings too and therefore you need to treat it accordingly so that it can be nice to you- as any pet would- however pulling it below a handful, physically attacking the notebook and even using it as a platform for a targeting practice with an animated dog is clearly not going to make Samsung looks good.

According to the comments, the ad was anything but pleasing which obviously earned a lot of dislikes and people letting their piece of mind in their page by calling emotional disturbed- and even using the words “Samsung’s ad agency should quit smoking this bad stuff”.

The YouTube advertisement was made by an ad agency called “The Viral Factory” however said to CNET that the ad was commissioned by Samsung, therefore ending up in Samsung’s official YouTube video. Currently, the video is marked private.

For those who don’t know the company also made an advertisement to promote Samsung 840 series SSD roughly about a month ago with Liana.


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