Samsung most likely to increase PC DRAM production after SK Hynix Fire Incident

Though according to Hynix officials the fire wasn’t serious as it looked in the pictures, Samsung Electronics decides to bank this rare opportunity by increasing the production of DRAM for PCs. It was back in late 2012 where Samsung decided to focus towards mobile DRAM and currently holds 50.3% of the global mobile DRAM market.

It is indicated that an estimate of 130,000 of wafers, out of which 100,000 are them made for PCs have been affected during the fire incident at Hynix Plant in China. As of now, Hynix is looking forward to resuming productions in October. It should be noted that according to the source, 2Gb and 4Gb chips have received a price bump of $2 and $4, therefore showing the signs of issues over supply in the market. Hopefully Samsung should be able to fill the gap, but that may also result in Hynix loosing a good share of the PC DRAM business.


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