Samsung shows off 840 EVO SSDs with storage variants up to 1TB and Enterprise Class XS1715

Samsung has released they 840 EVO series but with storage space of up to a jaw-dropping 1 TB, all thanks to the 19nm 128Gb flash NAND chips on these drives.

This is very impressive, considering Micron announced 16nm MLC flash NAND few days ago with shipments to SSD manufacturer to take time, and here we are Samsung with their guns blazing with 840 EVO with 5 different storage capacities.

The Samsung 840 Evo series comes with 120 GB, 250 GB, 500 GB and also 750 GB storage capacities as well with 3 years warranty period. Its obvious that Samsung’s plan is to make sure ‘everyone’ can buy an SSD depending on the capacity they can afford, however I am simply speculating on that since there is no official announcement about the price.

It is also being said that Evo would be using a feature called ‘TurboWrite’, but not much info has been put out… yet, but it is being said that it will increase write speed for lower capacity EVO models. As for 1 TB, I would be having a 1 GB LPDDR2 DRAM as a cache.


According to pictures Anandtech has put up, these drives will have lower power consumption and ‘dynamic thermal guard’.


As expected, Samsung 840 Evo comes with their own Multi-core MEX controller with ARM’s core, advertised up to 520 MB/s Sequential Write and up to 540 MB/s reads with random writes and reads of around 66K IOPS and 97K IOPS.

Samsung XS1715 Enterprise storage SSD would be using non volatile memory of up to 1.6 TB storage capacity, which will be using PCIe 3.0 to provide max sequential performance of 3 GB/s and 76K IOPS.

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