Samsung to make 14nm AMD CPUs and GPU Cores

It’s official that Samsung will be fabricating cores for AMD, starting with Zen Series CPU and Artic Islands GPU. It is also now known that AMD’s article Islands based cards will be using 14nm FinFETs.


Until now, AMD used GlobalFoundries and TSMC to fabricate its chips. But due to a recent incident, AMD was not able to have enough AMD GPU chips, particularly with Fury and Fury X cards which forced to ration with very limited partners. One can freely assume that this not-so-old situation encouraged AMD to look towards Samsung fabrication business.

This is highly beneficial considering its present situation. It can offload supply between two chipmakers at the same time and, therefore, helping to have more clear supplies of chips. Artic Islands GPU cores whose codename is ‘Greenland’ will greatly benefit out of this.

Whether this will give the company an edge against its dominant rivals is a big question, but it’s tempting to be said that the chances have greatly improved. If performance from its upcoming ‘Zen’ CPUs and ‘Greenland’ GPUs can hold up against Intel CPU and upcoming Nvidia Pascal GPU units, AMD can enjoy a more balanced share. It should also be noted that it’s upcoming GPUs will be using its second generation High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM). Good times to come?

Looks good for the red team so far.  Another reason to pick Samsung as a manufacturing partner is because the companies can make 14nm FinFETs.  Samsung and GlobalFoundries might be starting to manufacture these chips by next year. First, the companies will be making Greenland GPUs by second quarter 2016 and production of Zen CPUs after that.

Samsung is also expected to work on 10nm chips by next year as well. Meanwhile, it is speculated that Intel may not make 10nm chips before 2017. All we can do for now is wait and hope for the best.

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