Sapphire introduces R9 290X Vapor-X OC graphic card

Sapphire has released its Vapor-X OC GPU based on R9 290X. The OC edition has 4GB GDDR5 memory clocked at 1410 MHz with core clock speed on 1080MHz.

Other than the clock bump, the card uses Sapphire’s Tri-X features with 3x cooling fans and 5x heat pipes to help dissipate heat. The card also uses Digital Power control and Aero10 VRM, 10-phase power and high-power Direct-FET technology for the core, memory and the circuitry. According to the company, this should result in 5-to-10 degrees cooler compared to other cards. Another notable feature that Sapphire highlighted is a PCB Component heat spreader  where copper layers are exposed along the edge of the card’s PCB, and an additional heatsink which is mounted directly on the exposed copper layer which would allow the heat to be absorbed from the PCB, GPU and other components.

The card is equipped with dual bio which can be switched between its UEFI and its BIOS for legacy based systems.

The specifications are as follows:

spec_sapphire_r9_290x_ocAnother feature is the Intelligent Fan control where the operation of the fans can set itself according to the workflow and the temperature on the GPU. As one would like to have, there is an override switch should you require to keep the three fans running all the time.

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