Seagate IronWolf 12TB NAS HDD Review

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Disclosure: The Ironwolf 12TB NAS HDD is loaned by Seagate

This is the Ironwolf 12TB NAS mechanical hard drive, the non-pro variant of the previously reviewed NAS HDD from Seagate. I’ve already summarized the differences between the Ironwolf and Ironwolf Pro series, not much different from WD Red and RED Pro.


This is the 12TB Ironwolf NAS HDD ST12000VN0007 which also has another variant ST12000VN0008.

Specifications 12TB 12 TB
Standard Model Numbers ST12000VN0007 ST12000VN0008
Interface SATA 6Gb/s SATA 6Gb/s
Features and Performance
Drive Bays Supported 1-8 Bays 1 – 8 Bays
Multi-User Technology 180TB/year 180 TB/year
Rotational Vibration (RV) Sensor Yes Yes
Dual-Plane Balance Yes Yes
Error Recovery Control Yes Yes
Max. Sustained Transfer Rate OD (MB/s) 210MB/s 210MB/s
Spindle Speed (RPM) 7200 7200
Cache (MB) 256 256
Load/Unload Cycles1 600,000 600,000
Non-recoverable Read Errors Rate, Max 1 per 10E15 1 per 10E15
Power-on Hours 8,760 8,760
Workload Rate Limit (WRL) 180 180
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF, hours) 1,000,000 1,000,000
Limited Warranty (years) 3 3
Power Management
Startup Current, Typical (12V, A) 1.8 1.8
Average Operating Power (W) 7.8W 7.8 W
Idling Average (W) 5.0W 5 W
Standby Mode/Sleep Mode, Typical (W) 0.8/0.8 0.8/0.8
Voltage Tolerance, Inc. Noise (5 V) ±5% ±5%
Voltage Tolerance, Inc. Noise (12 V) ±10% ±10%
Operating (ambient, min °C) 5 5
Operating (drive case, max °C)2 70 70
Non-operating (ambient, min °C) -40 -40
Non-operating (ambient max °C) 70 70
Halogen-free Yes Yes
Shock, Operating/Non-operating: 2 ms (max) 70Gs/250Gs 70Gs/250Gs
Idle (typical) 2.8bels 1.8 bels
Seek (typical) 3.2bels 2.8 bels
Height (mm/in) 26.11mm/1.028in 26.11 mm/1.028 in
Width (mm/in, max) 101.85mm/4.01in 101.85 mm/4.01 in
Depth (mm/in, max) 146.99mm/5.787in 146.99 mm/5.787 in
Weight (g/lb, typical) 705g/1.55lb 690 g/1.521 lb
Carton Unit Quantity 20 20
Cartons per Pallet / Cartons per Layer 40/8 40/8

The key differences is in sound level and weight as the 007 revision is on the higher side.

HDD Sub-Components

The IronWolf 12TB NAS HDD carries a three-year warranty. Nothing has changed in terms of controllers and motors on the PCB, with Seagate still using a SMOOTH motor controller and Avago controller with a 256MB Cache. We’re testing the 007 variant.

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