Seagate launches the ‘world’s fastest’ enterprise SSHD for Mission Control Applications

Seagate recently launched an enterprise SSHD (which they call it as ‘World’s fastest’) drive where the company assures that it will provide up to 3X increase in random Reads and Write speed in comparison with the existing 15K RPM enterprise drives, which should be perfect for mission critical applications such as larger data analytics, virtual desktop infrastructure and even database/transaction processing.

Based on their in-house testing using standard benchmarking tools, they’ve found that their Enterprise SSHD which is a 10K RPM drive gives 2X IOPS boosts in comparison with the existing 600GB 10K RPM HDD. Seagate assures that along with the flash NAND responsible for quicker boot load and application load, it can‘a combination of performance and capacity that we believe represents a new paradigm shift for mission critical, enterprise storage— a real game changer in storage solutions now and for generations to come.”


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