Seagate releases Wireless storage device with USB 3.0

Seagate released Wireless Plus, a storage device primarily for mobile devices where you can access it via Wi-Fi or USB 3.0 interface- or via the Web once its configured.

Seagate says that you can wireless stream your media and files to your tablet/smartphone on the go and/or “off-the-grid” and comes with an app support for iOS and Android. It comes with a 1TB storage drive What Seagate didn’t mention was what Kind of Wi-Fi bandwidth they’re using, but they did say that you can tether your mobile device/computers wirelessly to a range of 150ft via Wireless LAN.  You can use your game consoles, Smart TVs Blu-ray players with an ability to connect with the device via USB/Wireless as well. It uses a 3.5″ form factor and requires an A/C power adapter.


Advertised SpecificationSeagate Wireless Plus
Interface Options Wi-Fi, USB 3.0
Height (in/mm)0.78/19.9
Width (in/mm)3.50/89.0
Length (in/mm)5.00/127.0
Weight (lb/g)0.56/256

This device is available with 3 years warranty. Seagate India says that the suggested price is Rs. 16,000/- excluding local taxes. Solutions like these are excellent as it provides additional mass storage that typical miniSD and SD cards will not be able to provide. With WiFi cameras coming out, having a wireless storage drive enables additional storage on the go! It would be nice if these had SD card reader for faster transfers or copy.

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