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Seagate will be releasing 5TB and 6TB Enterprise HDDs by 2014

Seagate’s leaked roadmap points out that the company is planning to release 5TB and 6TB enterprise-class HDDs by 2014, pointing out that the storage company is making big moves to gain advantage in the enterprise market.

The roadmap shows that Seagate will be releasing the 5TB drive by Q2 2014 under their ‘Enterprise Value’ Series where Constellation CS falls under, whereas 6TB storage drives will be released by 2H 2014, under ‘Enterprise Capacity’ category.

The roadmap also points out that a 2.5″ 2TB solution will be provided during the last quarter of 2014.

Goes without saying that these hard drives are never targeted for consumer or small businesses, but this is something more beneficial who run storage servers, as larger capacities in a single 3.5″ form factor will enable them to pack more storage space in the same form factor that allows up to 3TB in the same category as mentioned above.


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