Seagate rolls out its Client, Enterprise and PCIe SSD SKUs

Seagate introduces their client SSDs and their new generation enterprise SSDs: 600, 600 Pro and 1200 Series Solid State drives.

Seagate 600 SSD and 600 Pro SSD_L3qtr_Lo-Res

The 600 Series will come with the capacities of 120GB, 240GB and 480GB with both 5mm and 7mm variants. These use MLC NANDs with a advertised benchmark stating that it can do more than 500MB/s Sequential Read and more than 400 MB/s Sequential write with 128KB File size, and up to 80/70K Random 4KB Read/Write IOPS on their 480GB variant.

The specifications for 600 Series are as follows:

The 600 Pro and 1200 Series use the same casing type.

Seagate 1200 SSD_profileSeagate 1200 SSD_laying_down_right

600 Pro uses MLC NAND with 100GB, 120GB, 200GB, 240GB, 400GB, 480GB variant. The specs are as follows:


1200 Series also uses MLC NAND but with 12Gb/s SAS interface, with 200GB, 400GB and 800GB variants.


Also they’ve introduced X8 Accelerator which uses PCIe x8 interface. This is made to boost application and server performance by occupying a small footprint in the server as its a low profile card. The storage capacity of this card is up to 2.2TB and takes advantage of the PCIe bus and fast CPU cores. This is the drive that Seagate has signed up with Virident as reported some months ago.

It comes in 461 GB, 555 GB, 923GB, 1111GB, 1847GB and 2222GB variant. This also uses MLC. The specifications are as follows:


  1. y dont you review seagate’s internal hard drives like you used to? is there any chance for you to review these?

    request to please include RAID setups as well. thx!

    S. Pinto

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