Seagate now ships HDDs with 1TB-per-Platter

Seagate, one of the largest hard drive manufacturers is claiming to have the industry’s first and only 4TB HDD which will use 1TB-per-platter technology.This helps Seagate to get highest performance possible which having larger storage space and reducing cost.. hopefully which will reflect on the end product when consumers are purchasing it.desktop-hdd-pen-reflection-500x500

The 4TB drive comes with the model number “ST4000DM000” and is a 4K aligned drives.

The Specifications are as follows:


It should be noted that they’ve recommended this hard drive for desktops, AIO PCs, Home Servers, Gaming systems, for RAID setup on your system, DAS and even on NAS.

It also seems that the HDD maker has ditched the “Barracuda” branding as well, as can be seen on the graph itself when referring the older drives as “Formerly Barracuda”. Seagate’s website also now terms internal desktop drives as “Desktop HDD” and “Desktop SSHD”.

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