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Seagate steps inside the consumer SSD market

Remember my article on how WD and Seagate were expanding and diversifying their core business after feeling the effects of how SSD was eating into their bottom line, well here is another example.

Seagate has announced that it will partner up with the Israel based DensBits™ to develop low cost and high-performance memory for solid state drives. If you ask me this is a great way to expand into something which may eat up your bottom line. It also has the added benefit of not wasting money on R&D since DensBits™ is a pioneer in MemoryModem™ and has much experience in this field. All in all, it will be interesting to see where this leads us. With SSD prices now below the 1$/GB price point, how much more can they fall??



 Seagate Makes Equity Investment in DensBits

 MUMBAI – June 26, 2012: Seagate Technology plc (NASDAQ: STX) the worldwide leader in hard disk drives and storage solutions, and DensBits Technologies Ltd (“DensBits”) the inventor of the world’s first Memory ModemTM have announced today a strategic agreement for the development of low-cost, high-performance Solid State Drives (“SSD”) for the consumer and enterprise markets. In conjunction with the agreement, Seagate has made an undisclosed equity investment in DensBits.

Seagate and DensBits are joining forces, to develop future products that are intended to provide customers with significant cost savings, extremely high reliability, and unparalleled performance. Under the agreement, DensBits’ Memory ModemTM controller technology will be integrated with Seagate’s various storage technologies to power a wide range of consumer and enterprise applications including 3 bits/cell (“TLC”) 1Xnm Flash-based consumer-grade SSD, and 2 bits/cell (“MLC”) 1Xnm Flash-based enterprise-grade SSD.

“For the last 30 years, Seagate has delivered technology and product innovation to become the global leader in storage solutions, from high-end enterprise drives to solid-state hybrid drives,” said Rocky Pimentel, Seagate chief sales and marketing officer. “Seagate is excited to be working with the talented DensBits team and believes we have a significant opportunity with our new strategic relationship to extend our leadership into the SSD market.”

“We are very excited at the opportunity of collaborating with Seagate,” said Ilan Hen, DensBits’ Chairman and CEO. “This is yet another testament to our technology leadership, and we strongly believe that the coupling between DensBits’ unique Memory ModemTM controller technology and Seagate’s exceptional storage capabilities across the board could truly disrupt the industry.

About DensBits

DensBits is the inventor of the world’s first Memory ModemTM, a revolutionary controller technology created to address the ever-increasing need for low-cost, high-performance Flash-based storage systems. For more information please visit or contact us at[/quote]

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