Seagate and Virident develops Enterprise class SSDs

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Seagate teamed up with Virident systems to provide a flash NAND based PCIe storage solutions specifically for data centres. Under the agreement, Seagate will start offering a complete line of SSD PCIe via its OEM and distributors. According to Gary Gentry, Senior VP and GM of Seagate’s SSD division, they’re both working on the hardware and software solution for this solution and its made via in-house development.

For those who don’t know, Virident systems make PCIe based MLC and SLC flash NAND PCIe card with capacities between 550GB and 2.2TB. It’s clearly unknown if Seagate will be selling re-branded cards, but in some form, Seagate stepped in the business of SSD with PCIe interface- at the very least for enterprise-class uses.

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