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Seagate, WD shows profits despite SSD impact

The way solid state drive prices are falling is quite remarkable. It seemed like it was just yesterday when 120GB SSDs were upwards of Rs. 20,000/- on retail and now today we can get a pretty decent (still way faster than your average HDD) for less than half that.

This trend will continue for the foreseeable future and if you ask me, WD and Seagate are already feeling the pinch. WD, in fact, has already started diversifying into wireless routers ( you guessed it, some come with HDD’s inbuilt ).

[quote]….Seagate’s latest financials posted in April show it had shipped more consumer drives in its first, second and third fiscal quarters of 2012 than the respective quarters a year previously, and some of those drives carried a 20 percent price hike because Luczo and his boardroom chums thought they should capitalise on the fact that consumers have little choice when it comes to hard drives. What of Western Digital, the company that was supposedly worst hit by Thailand’s floods?

Well, the firm’s most recent financials for the quarter ending 30 March 2012 showed profit up 230 percent from a year previously, which should be more than enough to overcome the 35 percent drop in profits in the fourth quarter of 2011 that immediately followed the floods. All in all, I think we can say Western Digital has come out of the whole ordeal smelling a lot better than the flood waters that submerged its factories…..[/quote]

Source: The Inquirer

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