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Sennheiser Communications splits; newly formed EPOS takes over Gaming and Enterprise portfolio

As time changes, so do companies merge or split. Sennheiser Communications splits its Gaming division and forms a new brand name ‘EPOS’,  viz. owned by Demant. For now, it will manufacture and sell currently available models but under a co-brand name ‘EPOS | SENNHEISER’. Reminds you of  ‘Sony Ericsson’, doesn’t;t it?  The same applies to its enterprise solutions.

Kinda split in the middle?

Sennheiser has many well-known gaming headsets variations. What’s not known is that this was a joint venture between the headphone and earphone company and Demant which started in 2003. As of 2020, the joint venture is no more. As a result, Sennheiser will be making headsets for mobile products while a newly formed and independently operated company EPOS will manufacture gaming headsets and enterprise solutions. Mobile music portfolio is pretty large and due to its widespread reach, one would speculate its a somewhat even split. We’ll never know. What’s relevant to our audience is EPOS.

The Seinhessner origin products that will be co-branded have amplifiers like the GSX 1000 and GSX 1200 Pro, followed by all 12 gaming headsets and replacement earpads.

Near future plans for EPOS

Denmant will have newer products, which will independently run under EPOS. It will release its new gaming product lineups starting in October and started running a worldwide campaign. The newly formed company has its headquarters in Denmark while using the same global partners and offices in over 30 countries.  You can check out their website over here.

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