Razer mousemat

Shanghai Police busts two men selling counterfeit Razer Products online

The Shanghai Police recently busted two Chinese-based online dealers selling counterfeit Razer products. There have been many reports of counterfeited products being sold. Razer was working along with the Chinese authorities to bust the fake product manufacturing and sales of gaming hardware.

Razer mousemat

As of now, two Chinese are arrested while they were caught red-handed while selling counterfeit Razer products online. Haikui Lin and Ping Gong are sentenced to one year in prison and have to pay a fine of 140,000 RMB and another 150,000RMB fine which will be given to Razer. Whether this will stop sellers and manufacturers to counterfeit goods remains to be seen as of now, but one would safely assume that Razer would be trying to crack down sales of counterfeited products in the hopes that it would discourage retailers.

It is recently being found that counterfeit Razer products are found to be sold in India too. One of the counterfeit victims posted in a Facebook group that he bought a Razer Goliathus mousepad from Flipkart. Upon getting the product, he was obvious that it was a counterfeited product. The user informed Flipkart who did give a replacement but gave the same duplicate item. The user found it difficult to communicate further with Flipkart and the seller since. I’ve passed on the information to Razer on 2nd May.


Counterfeit items are always a problem for many manufacturers, irrespective of the brand. It is important that people should buy from known and reputed retailers whether it’s online or marketplaces. Counterfeit flash drive are also regular victims of  having  its brand used in  counterfeit products for a very long time.

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