SilverStone releases AR Series CPU Coolers

SilverStone introduced 3 CPU coolers under their (Argon) AR Series with 0.6mm thick copper direct Contact heatpipes and uses a new PWM fan where the company says that it will provide an excellent balance of airflow and noise.


The common features between the 3 coolers are as follows:
·    Great balance of silence and performance
·    Heat-pipes and aluminium fins for excellent heat conducting efficiency
·    Heat-pipe direct contact (HDC) technology
·    Patented anti-vibration fan mountings for easy installation and silent operation
·    Includes compact PWM fan for excellent cooling and low noise
·    Intel Socket LGA775/115X/1366/2011 and AMD Socket AM2/AM3/FM1/FM2 compatible







The Specification is as follows:

silverstonearseriesDirect heatpipe has its pros and cons. While companies do project them as an effective solution, it is a cost-saving solution since it saves money on having an additional flat base to provide flat contact between the heatpipes and the processor’s IHS. Some direct-heatipipe solutions have a good finish. Some have too many even surfaces that become a lot for the thermal paste to even the uneven surface. It depends on the finish of the product rather than the surface. Silverstone does have the history of making great peripherals and aftermarket solutions. Here’s hoping Argon does not disappoint, but nothing can be said without reviewing them.

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  1. looks like the chinese tried to clone noctua fans and did their own twist…

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